Work with purpose

Work Fulfilment
Everyone strives to have job fulfilment and a purposeful work/life balance. However, many find it difficult to make this a reality. How can I give back to society, in addition to having a busy job, a family and a rich social life? We would like to help you with this. How? Read further about a more purposeful work/life balance.

The time is always right to do the right thing.

– Martin Luther King –

Making Your Work More Purposeful
As a freelance professional you could, for example , donate €1 or €2 from you hourly rate to a chosen charity. We can arrange this for you. Just think how good it would feel after a long and intensive working week to be able to say “I have made a conscious contribution to research into helping children with cancer,” or “I have helped towards making the dying wish of a terminally ill patient a reality,” or “I have ensured that for the following week a refugee will have a nutritious breakfast each morning.” In addition to giving money, you can also choose to donate your expertise pro bono/ free of charge / voluntarily for a social purpose.

Do you work in paid employment? You can also make a difference. You could donate a small portion of your salary to a charity of your choice, do voluntary work or donate your expertise to help others less fortunate.

It’s quite simple. By doing what you can, giving help through means of whatever gives you energy and is your passion, you can make a difference. Each individual has a different reason for contributing to a social purpose: a cleaner environment, a cure for diseases, aid to vulnerable animals or assistance for low income families. Choose what is purposeful and close to your heart!

Personal Branding for Freelancers
Purposeful work is not only connected to feeling good. It can also help you as a freelancer with your personal brand. WA Recruitment & Advies can advise you on how to best communicate your contribution to society and/or work within the community with your own network. We can help you establish how, through purposeful work, you can improve your personal brand.

To receive more information about purposeful work or personal branding, please send an email to or call 0649271220.

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