With extensive experience in recruiting professionals, we know what is important in the recruitment process. The so-called 'hard skills' such as education, work experience, system knowledge and/or language skills are self-evident. Alongside these 'hard skills' we focus on the 'soft skills'. Feeling and intuition are of great importance: What makes a successful collaboration? How does this type of personality fit into the team and the company culture? Our goal is to look for the click between two parties. Recognising a sustainable match. This is our challenge!

Each need is unique. Therefore, at ROMYN Recruitment (formerly known as Wallerbosch Recruitment & Advies) we customise our services to your needs. Do you need a professional on a temporary basis? Then you will receive profiles of professionals who are available on secondment basis or freelance. Looking for a permanent placement? Then a recruitment process or outsourcing, recruitment and selection procedure may be the answer. We can work with you to provide the best solution . We are happy to provide free, no obligation advice before we start the recruitment procedure.

Work Fulfilment

Everyone strives to have job fulfilment and a purposeful work/life balance. However, many find it difficult to make this a reality. How can I give back to society, in addition to having a busy job, a family and a rich social life? We would like to help you with this. How? Read further about a more purposeful work/life balance.

Purposeful Entrepreneurship

Many organisations seek ways to make their ventures more purposeful and sustainable. The question is how can you implement this? How can this be communicated internally and externally? We will work together with you to find a solution. We challenge you, like us, to make a contribution to society. This can be done in various ways. To read more about purposeful entrepreneurship click here.

Do you have a vacancy? We will be happy to come along for a free recruitment consultation or to give advice on labour market communication.